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Need fix bugs early

When I click on offers , it bugs and out of apps sometimes . And frozen screen another times .. I've faced this problems and bugs for long time . I deleted , updated and re-install it but the same problems . Fix it soon with the next update . my iOS is 10.3.3 and it is iPhone 6

Very bad crashing

Keeps crashing never works


Its really nice app but curently im staying in Poland but i dont know polish.If you add english language to other countries it would be nice for foreigns.Because there are lots of tourists in lots of countries.

No funciona

La aplicacion se freesea en mi Iphone X cada vez que trato de accesar a los cupones, por eso me prece que deben revisarla y mejorarla por que ahora no funciona para nada

Bugs with offers section

I can’t reveal my offers, it keeps on saying “it seems your date and time settings are not correct” while they are correct 🤨

I like it but...

Sometimes it’s impossible to register and also i would like to see prices of products.

Mcdonald Pakistan Error on iOS App

I keep having error while playing games for reward program. Its crashed on iOS. After winning game app crashes.

لا يعمل

لا يعمل

يفقد بريقه

وذلك بسبب انك لا تستفيد من العروض اذا كنت تطلب توصيل ، يجب عليك زيارة اقرب فرع للاستفاده من العرض.

App Crashed

App is getting crashed while clicking on check your offers

App crashes on iOS after winning

I played on iPhone and it’s showed congratulations and app crashed down and was auto closed is this third rated application put by developer if so I am very sorry Awaiting your kind feedback in this regard otherwise pack up this application from iPhone and say goodbye

A lot of bugs

A hit and win doesn’t work for me on iPhone X




Why isn’t there uae country available? 1 star


Why you put the app in Bahrain store? If the app is not Including bahrain!!!


اشياء مجانية ❤️❤️❤️


افضل تطبيق في العالممممممممم. سهل استخدامه مر. واعليه كود خصم ٥٠٪‏

Change some App Store settings.

I know the description says “Not available in the US”, but it doesn’t have to. When submitting to the App Store, you can exclude countries, thus hiding it from those users.

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